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§ 1 General provision and information about the seller
1. These Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") define the general terms and conditions of sale of goods in the online store located on the internet platform offered for sale by Michał Krawczyk running a business under the name Soonar Michał Krawczyk with its registered office in Wrocław, with the address: ul. Mikołaja Reja 92/5B, 50-343 Wrocław, Poland, NIP number: 9482278507, REGON number: 021168223, e-mail address:, hereinafter referred to as the "Store" or "Shop". In the further part of the Regulations, the person intending to purchase goods in our online store and registered at is called the "Client" or "User".
2. The purchase of goods in our online store may only be made by adults or by legal persons or organizational units without legal personality. In any case, persons under the age of 18 should not be made purchases in the Shop.
3. Before placing an order, the customer is obliged to read and accept these Regulations. Acceptance of the Regulations is a prerequisite for using the services of our online store and takes place in the course of completing the order form (about the course of the transaction in §4 of the Regulations).

§ 2 Protection of personal data
1. We would like to inform you that the personal data of the Customers of our Online Store are processed only for the purpose of order fulfillment and are protected in accordance with the mandatory provisions. We obtain the user's personal data as a result of the user's registration on the internet platform.
2. Soonar Michał Krawczyk is the administrator of the client's personal data file.
3. Personal data is not made available to other companies for marketing purposes.
4. We would like to inform you that each customer has the right to inspect their personal data stored by our Store and to change or update them. The personal data entrusted to us are stored and secured at the headquarters of Soonar Michał Krawczyk in accordance with the principles set out in applicable law. We would like to inform you that your personal data may be removed from the website at any time by deleting the user profile.

§ 3 Offered products and prices
1. Any information regarding the products offered by our Store via does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the provisions of the Civil Code but is only a presentation of the products offered by our Store
2. In the case of purchasing a specific product, the Customer will receive information about the offered product, including its name, manufacturer or importer, the mark of conformity, annotation of admission to trading in the Republic of Poland and, depending on the type of product, its energy consumption, as well as other data if required by law.
3. Wszystkie ceny podawane w sklepie internetowym są wyrażone w złotych polskich (PLN) i są to ceny uwzględniające właściwą stawkę podatku VAT.
3. All prices given in the online store are expressed in Polish zlotys (PLN) on the Polish version of the Store site and in Euros (EUR) on the English version of the Store site. The prices include the correct VAT rate.

§ 4 Course of the transaction
1. In order to purchase a specific product in our online store, the user registers on the platform, then sends the purchase form via the platform. Sending the purchase form is tantamount to accepting the terms of sale, including these Regulations.
2. In case of providing untrue, incomplete or incorrect data - we will try to contact the Customer in order to complete or correct them. If contact is not possible, we will withdraw from the sales contract.
3. The store reserves the right to withdraw from the sale transaction in the event of unavailability of the goods from the supplier. The funds paid by the Customer will then be immediately returned to the bank account indicated by the Customer.
4. The customer can make corrections to his order until the store sends the order confirmation from the customer. The customer can also withdraw his order before it is confirmed by the store. In the case of a paid order, the store returns the money paid immediately, no later than within 30 days.
5. As soon as the online store confirms the acceptance of the order for realization (which will take place in the form of sending you electronic information), a sales contract is concluded between the Store and the User.
6. After placing an order for specific products the User pays for the goods in one of the ways of his choice. Immediately after paying the price or crediting the payment to our account (in the case of choosing PayPal or bank transfer respectively), we send the selected product to you.
7. Goods ordered in our online store are delivered via Poczta Polska and courier companies. The shipping cost depends on the total weight of the ordered goods and is provided when placing the order.
8. Together with the goods, according to the Customer's choice, a VAT invoice or fiscal receipt is issued. If any of these documents are missing, please report this fact in order to supplement the lack. After receiving the shipment, the Customer should carefully check the package and the received goods and immediately inform us of any defects.
9. In the course of the sale transaction, you can communicate with the store. At the same time, we declare that we will inform you about all important stages of the transaction that occurred on our side (accepting the order for execution, posting the payment, sending the goods).

§ 5 Forms of payment:
The following forms of payment are possible, and the choice of the form is up to the Customer:
i) by bank transfer (prepayment);
ii) via the Shoper payment system;
iii) via a payment card:Visa
Visa Electron
MasterCard Electronic
The entity providing online payment services is Blue Media S.A.

§ 6 Return of goods and cancellation of the transaction
1. A consumer (a customer who is a natural person purchasing goods for his own use, for purposes unrelated to his business or professional activity), who has concluded an off-premises or remote contract, may withdraw from it in accordance with applicable regulations by submitting a relevant statement in writing within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery of the purchased goods.
2. The return form should be sent by registered mail or attached to the package with the returned goods. The date of the postmark is decisive for keeping the 14-day deadline.
3. The returned goods cannot bear signs of use other than those resulting from the ordinary management of the item. The returned goods must be complete and, if possible, packed in the original packaging.
4. The return of the goods to the Store should take place immediately, but not later than 14 days from the date of withdrawal from the sales contract (i.e. from the date of sending the statement of withdrawal).
5. After the Store receives a declaration of withdrawal from the contract, the Customer will be reimbursed immediately, no later than within 14 days, the amount representing the value of the returned goods and the costs of delivery of the goods to the Customer, if the Customer has paid them. The costs of returning the goods to the Store are borne by the Customer.
6. If there is a need to return funds for a transaction made by the customer with a payment card, the seller will refund to the bank account assigned to the payment card of the Seller.

§ 7 Complaints procedure
1. If the Customer finds a defect in the purchased goods, the Customer, in accordance with the Act of 27 July 2002 on special conditions of consumer sales and on the amendment of the Civil Code (Dz. U. 2002, Nr 141, poz. 1176), has the right to demand that the goods be brought into conformity with the contract by free repair or replacement with a new one unless the repair or replacement is impossible or requires excessive costs.
2. The Store is responsible for the non-compliance of the goods with the contract only if it is found within two years from the delivery of the goods to the Customer and the Customer notifies the Store of finding a defect in the goods within two months of its discovery.
3. In case of a defect in the goods purchased in the Store, the Customer is obliged to report it to the Store to the e-mail address In the notification, the Customer should accurately describe the defect, provide the date of purchase and specify his request. In response, the customer will receive information on sending the defective goods to the Store. Differences resulting from the individual settings of the Customer's computer (proportions, color, etc.) cannot be the basis for a complaint.
4. The shipping costs of the advertised goods are borne by the Customer. The costs associated with returning the advertised goods are returned by the Store immediately after receiving the shipment and recognizing the complaint as justified.
5. The store will respond to the Customer's request within 14 days from the date of filing the complaint. Failure to respond to the Customer's request within the above-mentioned period means that his request is considered justified. If the complaint is accepted, the damaged goods will be replaced with other, full-fledged goods, and if this is no longer possible (for example, out of stock), the Store will refund the Customer the equivalent of the product price or offer other goods available in the store to choose from.
6. When the implementation of the Customer's requests involves the delivery of new or repaired goods, all delivery costs are borne by the store.

§ 8 Final Provisions
1. In matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code, the Act of 27 July 2002 on special terms of consumer sales and the amendment of the Civil Code, and the Act of 2 March 2000 (Dz. U. 2012 on the protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product (Dz. U. 2012, Nr 1225)).
2. The Store reserves the right to change these Regulations for important reasons, e.g. changes in the law (in particular tax law), changes in relations with suppliers or producers, technological changes. Each change to the Regulations will be published at least 30 days in advance and will be binding only for orders placed after the date of entry into force of the new version of the Regulations.

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